Who we are

Two stories behind your wedding photography

Two different personalities: Ulisse and Jamie, photographer and video maker, born in Florence, raised between Tuscany and the USA.

Two complementary services - wedding photography and wedding cinema - and so many stories to tell: ours, and yours.

By discovering our stories, you can understand the reason for our working approach.

wedding photography


I am a Tuscan wedding photographer, born in 1982. About 20 years ago, I started my career in photography, right at the moment of the transition between film and digital photography.

I believe that photography actively enriches our memories, no matter what medium it is on: because, through this art, the images remain unchanged over time; and even the memories of what we lived are conditioned by the shots.

I have the same approach and vision when I take wedding photography: my aim is to create a precious tale of such a meaningful day.

I am attracted to portraiture and reportage, which - perhaps - are two opposite worlds but, in every marriage, my aim is to tell what happens, without artifacts, through my eyes.

Altreluci fotografia is in the heart of Florence, in Tuscany: but we have shot weddings all over Italy, in the Dolomites, Milan, Como, Puglia, Sicily but also international destination weddings in Spain, Greece and New Zealand.

wedding cinema


I was born in Florence from an Italian mother and a Kenyan father. I started with photography while studying and from there I decided I wanted it to become my job. My professional path then embraced a new direction: that of videos, between music videos and advertising campaigns.

I took care of the photography of a film released in cinemas in 2022, made the music video clip for the song by Leo Gassmann, winning the Sanremo Giovani 2020 best video clip award. I directed many video clips of Italian famous artists including Malika Ayane, Sfera Ebbasta, Ghali, Fred De Palma and others.

I love to travel: which is the other big part of me. In 2017, together with my partner, the "UpendoVibes" project was born, we travel the world creating content.

All this is me, and all this is what I put into my work: art, technique, knowledge. An admixture which brings me to produce work with particular cuts; that of wedding cinema

What makes us so different?

We are two globetrotters, and we do believe that travel experiences enrich our professional life and our work with new hints and ideas that take shape in Altreluci. Our wedding photography studio in Florence was born over 10 years ago and is a laboratory where we have developed a true and profound style which focuses on naturalness, attention to detail and discretion, to make your most beautiful day an indelible memory.