Wedding books

Altreluci is wedding photography in every meaning.

Discover our wedding books: our albums are fully customizable in graphics, materials, layout; an handmade craft product for pure and intact memories over time.

Why? Because nowadays photography is turning into a purely digital element: and, by doing so, we risk losing the memories we love most.

So, printing the moments of your most beautiful day on paper is definitely the best way to live, whenever you want, the emotions of that day, page after page.

Soft book

Our soft book is a silky paper album that gives an accurate reproduction of the color spaces. Lightweight, with a contemporary mood, fully customizable in the nuances, packaging material and cover, it contains between 80 and 100 pages.

Materic book

The “Materic Book'' is a photo album with rigid pages for a minimal and traditional mood that combines design and uniqueness with an authentic photographic printing and total openness of the book. Also our “Materic book” is fully customizable in materials, box colors and cover. It contains 60 pages