Valentina and Niccolò

A wedding in Liberty Florence

Church: San Francesco and Santa Chiara, Florence

Catering: Roland's

MUA: Florence Urban Beauty

Lights & music: Omikron Service Florence

Location: Tepidarium del Roster, Florence

A wedding in a
Liberty garden

The "Orti del Parnaso" or "Giardini dell'Orticoltura": two names for a single place, which has always been in the heart of all Florentines, a nineteenth-century park which with its Tepidarium, known as "del Roster" - a finely built greenhouse dedicated, in its origins, to the cultivation of exotic flowers - reveals an elegant and sophisticated character, perfect for the wedding we are going to tell you about, the one of Valentina and Niccolò, a celebration in one of the most beautiful but also unusual places in Florence, a Florence to be discovered - therefore - in little-known settings in the area outside the avenues that surround it, and which stretches out towards the slopes of Monte Morello.

The couple met and lives in London: Valentina is originally from Veneto, while Niccolò is from Florence.

Elegance, a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere, a particular and candid location, with its glassy and very white settings: the architecture of the Tepidarium del Roster, a structure equipped with many large windows, has in fact been able to enhance all the well-kept atmosphere of this wedding in Florence. Right here, in fact, the reception was held, among relatives and friends amazed by the originality and class of the chosen location. For us too, shooting in these settings and these geometries was not only pleasant, but almost magical: the lights, the embraces of the spouses that merge, the whiteness of the bride's dress and the informal elegance of those who took part in this day really stood out and made our work so inspired.