Ornella and Lorenzo

Wedding In Seville – Villa Luisa

Wedding Planner: Weddings with Love
Church: Iglesia y Hospital de la Caridad
Dinner and Party:: Villa Luisa

The city of Seville is truly cosmopolitan.

Modernity and history, azulejos, arches and white walls, which are imbued with ancient Moorish culture, create an urban melting pot, with mirrored buildings and unusual architectures that are unique in the world.

Ornella and Lorenzo preferred this unquestionably fascinating location as the ideal setting for their wedding. Actually, this choice was motivated by a great propensity towards the city. In fact Lorenzo, although Florentine, had many relationships with Seville, and he involved Ornella in frequenting the city, although she is Montenegrin by birth and Florentine by adoption. And that’s how celebrating the wedding in Andalusia has become a real necessity.

I remember that, about a year ago, we were in my studio talking about their wedding and the photo shoot: with a veil of fear Lorenzo and Ornella wondered if all the guests could have reached them in Seville. Well, with great surprise the participation was excellent: all their relatives and friends were there, enthusiastic about the atmosphere that this beautiful city generously gives to all those who want to breath it.

The wedding was full of beautiful moments, colorful, inspired and generous from the start, with tapas, sangria and cerveza, up to the ceremony in the historic center and the extraordinary Villa Luisa. Everyone emotionally attended the dinner and the final party. It was a wonderful explosion of colors, cocktails and music.

The day was marked by shades, smiles and looks that remained impressed in the photographs and video, thus recalling all the emotion and all the desire to live this day in full.

For us at Altreluci, this marriage has also represented internationality without barriers. Thanks to a foreign city with such a big heart that it has given a perfect setting not only for Ornella
and Lorenzo’s wedding, but also for the affection of those who were around them.