The Pozzolis family – pagan wedding in Italy

The Pozzolis family – pagan wedding in Italy

The Pozzolis family – pagan wedding in Italy

The Pozzolis family – a pagan wedding in the Dolomites

Preparation: Sporthotel Tyrol (San Candido)
Civil ceremony (pagan union) in San Candido
Party: Caravan Park Sexten (Sesto, Bolzano)

11 May 2019: a wedding; one surprise after another, a continuous succession of moments dedicated to the love for a big family that wanted- between the ceremony and party- to embrace all of their friends and their loved ones. May 11th 2019 was the great day of the Pozzoli Family: a great day immortalized in a wonderful episode of Cinema Wedding in the San Candido Dolomites.

We introduce them to you, even if – for many – the protagonists of this day do not need to be introduced: the groom, Gianmarco Pozzoli – actor and comedian who trod the stages of Zelig, of Paperissima, of Colorado -; the bride, Alice Mangione, who has transposed into a very popular web series – The Pozzoli Family, precisely – the adventures of their family and their two children, Olli and Joppi.

Festive atmosphere, at all times: the preparation made special, intimate, colorful and full of life. No make-up artists, just Alice, her friends and Chet Baker in the background.

Between funny and tearful speeches, songs, games and poems, and a light rain that soon turned into snow. The exchange of wedding vows, carried away by a hawk, and a very sweet exchange of rings, where an emotional Gianmarco, unable to find words, repeatedly escaped into the meadows, as seen in the video, amongst everybody’s laughter.

At the end of the ceremony the band arrived, dressed in their traditional clothes and accompanied by scenic wooden instruments that escorted everyone to the center of the village: here, the couple took the tractor that took them to Sexten for the party; submersed between the dinner , the aperitif, music, games and dances in a barn and … a very special after dinner celebration.

Even here, in fact, there were surprises, starting from the delivery of the favors, which was decidedly unusual, as well as their content: because the favors contained bathing suits, so that the party moved inside the SPA. Obviously there was a costume reserved for us too, and for the musicians, who continued to play even inside the SPA!

The joy of sharing was the true focus behind this unique marriage in its genre; in an unusual, fascinating location, full of atmosphere warmed by the joy and the explosiveness of the protagonists: a climate that we tried to convey in the Wedding Cinema dedicated to them. In this post we also want to thank you for having involved us so deeply and making us feel part of the great Pozzoli family.

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