Martina and Massimiliano

Italian destination wedding

Location: Villa Gamberaia

Flower designer: Tuscany Flowers

Catering: Rolands Catering

Hair: Pistolesi Group

Dress: Le spose di Milano

Menswear: Greco Sisters

Lights and music: Kaleydo

Take Florence on a very hot day in June,

with its hot sun but also with those characteristic colors of the first month of summer that enhances, between lights and shades, a fresh, refined and elegant mood: the one chosen by Martina and Massimiliano for their wedding, delicately animated by candid floral arrangements, set in that charm that only a villa on the green hills of Florence, precisely in Settignano, with its prestige and its ability to remain intact over time, can bring out.

Not a common destination wedding.

We could define this day as a very special destination wedding, full of details and international influences: but, in reality, the Florentine wedding of Martina and Massimiliano was much more.

Because, first of all, this couple has a personal story that can be traced between the borders of different countries: Martina was born and raised with her family in Nairobi, Kenya; Massimiliano is from La Spezia and then both decided to live together in Florence.

Two spouses with a unique character and some traits in common: mild, calm, sober but at the same time with a strong taste for detail and elegance; without forgetting that pinch of decision that distinguishes Martina. And for the eye of a Florentine wedding photographer, it is really nice - indeed, even more satisfying - to see that even Italians begin to appreciate, for their wedding, the idea of ​​a unique location, like that of a villa, from the ceremony to the final party.

An Italian destination wedding at Villa Gamberaia.

Villa Gamberaia is a setting known in Altreluci, but which never ceases to amaze us: a typically Tuscan mansion, set in that treasure that are the Settignano hills overlooking the Arno valley, whose history goes back in time, in the full Renaissance, and it is known for its magnificent gardens that reflect the most typical vegetation, made of cypresses, olive trees and water features; splendid at sunset and in its majestically preserved interiors, with exposed beams, very high ceilings and terracotta.

So, Villa Gamberaia was also the vivid scenography chosen by Martina and Massimiliano: a location that is no longer just unique, exclusive and magical in every corner; but a place capable of making every guest feel in the right place: relatives and friends finally together, in a day really full of looks and emotions.

Thus, the atmosphere was able to be at the same time Tuscan and cosmopolitan, giving this wedding an intense character, rich in nuances, which was able to inspire the shots and videos of this day, where Martina and Massimiliano were the protagonists in a atmosphere of relaxed elegance and timeless class.