Lorenzo and Iuri – a wedding in Florence, full of surprises

Lorenzo and Iuri – a wedding in Florence, full of surprises

Lorenzo and Iuri – a wedding in Florence, full of surprises

Lorenzo & Iuri

Location: Chalet Fontana

Sometimes we like to tell you about the  “familiar” side of Altreluci, because we are a team. Different eyes to observe and tell the story of your day in a confidential manner, to capture the most significant moments, with memories that speak about your emotions.

And the pictures of the wedding we are talking about today were shot by Fabio, who was able to portray the simplicity, the genuineness and the expressivity of Lorenzo and Iuri’s wedding, two spouses of Venetian origin who, given their strong link with our city, wanted to get married right in Florence because, in fact, it is here that they met, and here that they fell in love. And it could not be otherwise: the city finds them together again, surrounded by a large group of friends.

An inseparable bond with some places of the Tuscan capital like a tiny street in the center and the Biblioteca delle Oblate where they studied: fragments of the city that turn into an inalienable part of their life and are part of the predictable scenography of some of the shots.

And thus, this wedding in Florence, the casket of important and significant memories symbolized by the city, also becomes the perfect setting for a relaxed and engaging atmosphere.

Also because Iuri and Lorenzo got ready together, before the ceremony, in an apartment, side by side, to take part to the intense and exciting ceremony, celebrated by a dear friend of theirs: a cheerful wedding in Florence, with relatives and so many Florentine friends along with those who, from Veneto, had come to Florence for the celebration.

So much for the aftermaths of the ceremony which was simple but scenographic, hilarious and choreographic: the sober elegance of the location, in green and white tones, was enlightened by bubbly toasts, with the reading of thoughts and letters and thanks to the presence of many close and intimate friends, thrilled to enjoy such a day alltogether.

In a few words, Iuri and Lorenzo’s Florentine wedding was not just a party, but it became the celebration of the real goal of a love born on University benches, after overcoming lots of difficulties. And once again, Florence with its history and its charm had its part to play in a love story: not just as a location for weddings, but as a city able to leave an indelible mark on the lives of many people.



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