Laura & Gustavo – an intimate wedding in Chianti

Laura & Gustavo – an intimate wedding in Chianti

Laura & Gustavo – an intimate wedding in Chianti

Laura & Gustavo


Wedding planner: Weddings Italy

Location: Tenuta Canto alla Moraia

Catering: Le Cirque Florence

Weddings are a palette made up of many nuances and professions – photographers, video makers, wedding planners, catering and locations -: we know each other, we exchange, we share. And, just a few days ago, thanks to Katia Morales, wedding planner from “Weddings Italy”, I was involved in a new adventure.

A magnificent and elegant location in Chianti, a magical and suspended place, full of charm, between Florence and Arezzo; and the spouses, whom I had no way of knowing except shortly before the day of their marriage.

In my hand, in addition to my camera, I had the information given to me by Katia and the detailed planning of the day.

This time I was alone.

Altreluci deals with photographic services and video services for weddings and destination weddings: for us, therefore, it is normal to operate as individuals but also as a team, a team composed of several people, including photographers and video makers.

This time I was alone. And, perhaps, a little worried. How will they be? Will I be able to understand their needs? Capture the perfect moments? I usually work through a human practice that involves getting to know each other, sharing, communicating. This time, however, it was not possible.

Then I thought it’s Love driving Laura and Gustavo. The love that guides all spouses. Perhaps this time there was something more: Laura and Gustavo quite literally crossed half the world to come and get married in Tuscany. Originally from Costa Rica, they chose the Chianti hills to say yes. And I was the eye that would immortalize this wonderful day for them and forever.

In a few minutes I was immersed in a dreamy and warm atmosphere: few people, for an intimate wedding that took place entirely in the splendid location of the Tenuta di Canto alla Moraia, from the ceremony, the dinner, the party. Elegant moments with a touch of exoticism that brought me back to those trips that I love so much and that feed the pulsating feeling for this job.

I feel very grateful every time I get to participate to fa marriage of this kind, discovering that there are people willing to cross the world to come here, where I grew up, to celebrate their special moment among our landscapes, our culture, our food! (and our wine !!)

Because love knows no boundaries, rather, it overcomes them to find the ideal dimension and the scenario in which to manifest itself.

But I want to let the photos speak for me now.

Thanks to Katia Morales but thanks again Laura and Gustavo, maybe we’ll meet again in Costa Rica!



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