Giulia & Luca – a countryside wedding, in Chianti

Giulia & Luca – a countryside wedding, in Chianti

Giulia & Luca – a countryside wedding, in Chianti

Giulia & Luca 

Giulia & Luca – a countryside wedding, in Chianti
Ceremony: San Donato in Poggio
Location: Ristorante il Paese dei Campanelli

A sunny day in early summer, with its shades of gold and purple, and a small, delightful location on the hills surrounding Florence, in the heart of Chianti; an intimate, authentic and sincere ceremony, celebrated by one of the dearest friends of a lifetime: this is how Giulia and Luca’s wedding took place, last 7 July 2018, in the medieval village of San Donato in Poggio, in the province of Florence.

“The harmony of authenticity: this is how I would define it, concerning the wedding shots of Giulia and Luca. Everything was true, absolutely genuine, so much to make me feel fully involved in every moment: from the ceremony, celebrated by their best friend in the square of this village – a gesture of love in love – to the party in a rustic and vivid setting , but classy. Giulia and Luca were able to involve everyone with their joy and their innate desire to live. She, so emotional, excited, radiant; and he, fixed point, strong. “

A wedding in the heart of Chianti

Every shot of this marriage in Florentine Chianti reveals a deep attachment to the roots of the territory. The summer blew its warm wind in the square of San Donato in Poggio: a small medieval town a few kilometers from Florence, a jewel set in a spectacular 13th century city wall. And it is precisely in the soul of this country that Giulia and Luca have decided to celebrate their love.

The party, instead, was held in the location “Il Paese dei Campanelli”, a Tuscan-style restaurant, at the same time rustic and elegant, surrounded by greenery, on a hillside setting, in Petrognano: a dreamy name for a historic setting, with Dante’s references that take us back to the city of Semifonte.

There was no need to come to terms with the emotions, in this marriage in the heart of Chianti: everything was deliberately addressed to friends, families and also to those, like me, who had the fortune to see each other professionally and humanly involved, a living and participating part, of this wonderful day where the protagonist was love, friendship, attachment to one’s roots. Emotions and sensations that are refracted in every shot, making them a brilliant testimony of these moments.



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