Flavia and Guido

Wedding in Fiesole – Villa Il Garofalo

Location: Villa il Garofalo
Catering: Bachini & Bellini

It is true what is said of the exception “which confirms the rule”:

the marriages we have told you about recently have had an almost cosmopolitan soul in common. Lots of loves that, from everywhere, decide to join within these Tuscan scenarios, among hills, sunsets and unique atmospheres.

But today is different: we are here to tell you the story of Flavia and Guido, two Florentine DOC who decided to get married in Florence.

Flavia & Guido: a wedding in Florence

Flavia & Guido’s wedding in Florence was an exciting journey: from the preparation, within the walls of her own houses, so intimate for Flavia, with her mother and her best friends, where we took the images of the preparation; and fuller – almost a festive prelude – for Guido, with many friends. And then the “yes” of the church of Santa Felicita, between Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti: discreet, delicate and ancient, with its vaults, ocher facades and the Romanesque bell tower. A treasure chest that reveals all of its hidden charm when the portals are opened.

And finally the party, at Villa Il Garofalo, the historic home of Dante’s family, wich from Fiesole, dives – with a breathtaking view – into the city.

A symphony of elegance, with candid notes of white and gold, but also a lot of warmth in the smiles and joy of the spouses, their great families and their friends. White on white up to the cake, which – with the cut – gave way to an explosion of colors: getting the party started! Below, the beautiful Florence and its summer sky continues to watch us.

A wedding in Florence is always the bearer of unique magic: a soft, ancient setting of unexpected glimpses, so rich in lights and flashes all to be seized. For this we want to thank Flavia & Guido: with them we have seen our city with new eyes, in a marriage that has combined elegance, refinement but also lightheardedness and serenity.