A classic wedding – Terme Tettuccio

A classic wedding – Terme Tettuccio

A classic wedding – Terme Tettuccio

A classic wedding – Terme Tettuccio

Location: terme di Tettuccio, Montecatini Terme (LU)

Sometimes I feel too much curious.
But this feeling goes away soon, because – in fact – I know that I am simply trying to unveil those in front of me; who will be the protagonists of portraits and shots.
And so, this perspective changes radically when I become a participant of what I am photographing.

Often, it happens that the bride is the most emotional figure in the couple; other times, on the other hand, it is the groom.
But during this day I have no doubt: Eleonora was a real treasure chest of emotions ready to reveal.

“Sometimes I feel too much curious. But being a photographer, for me, means to put oneself aside to fully understand those in front ”

An exclusive location in Montecatini Terme

Eleonora and Alessandro have chosen, as location, in the wonderful Montecatini, the historic Tuscan spa and – in particular – the exclusive and inspired setting of the Terme Tettuccio: an uncommon complex, of distinct elegance.

Stunning atmospheres, works of art of rare preciousness – like those of Basilio Cascella, contained in the “Galleria delle Bibite” – with a liberty and symbolist style.
Terme di Tettuccio is a jewel, between chests of greenery, between parks of French and English reminiscences, up to Renaissance and Baroque models traditionally Italian.

My work often leads me to merge beautiful contrasts in photographs: after the gentle sunset lights, the party showed the most lively side, the infinite joy of Eleonora, in dances and laughs with her Alessandro .

The night light was brightened by the colors of the party, by the music, and by the exceptional view around them.

I felt part of the whole, and my initial shyness leaves, leaving room for a flow of shots that tell who really are Alessandro and Eleonora, and the crowning of their love.


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