Alessandra & Lorenzo

Alessandra & Lorenzo

Alessandra & Lorenzo

Alessandra & Lorenzo

Ceremony: Church of Valdibure

Location: Il Granduca, Carmignano

Catering: Valerio Ricevimenti

With Alessandra and Lorenzo I experienced, for the first time, a “dual” wedding, taking photos in two magical settings – the rustic Tuscany countryside, and the romantic Paris – through two different types of shots, between digital and film photography.

“I had so much fun, taking with me my digital camera and my analogue camera as well, during the weekend we spent in Paris with Alessandra and Lorenzo.

When I started to get into photography, there was no digital system; you could only choose between slide or negative. Today we are living a historical moment in which the evolution of photographic technique is huge.

Almost night photography can be taken, you can take pictures and balance the colors without any aberration, later, even with a mobile phone. If once they had told us that all this would have been possible, we would not have believed it. And yet, sometimes, it’s nice to go back to the past. “

A traditional wedding in Tuscany …

Alessandra and Lorenzo chose the tradition, so simple, but always intense, of their places to say yes: the church of Valdibure, in the Pistoia countryside, with the simplicity of a Romanesque scenario embraced by lush greenery. After the ceremony, the location chosen for the party was “Villa Il Granduca”, in Carmignano: a rustic mansion, a few miles away, among lavender bushes, exposed stone, a large gravel path and rolling hills.

… and a post-wedding in the most romantic city: Paris

Getting married means, among the many nuances, “celebrating”: a feeling, an origin. And so, Alessandra and Lorenzo decided to prolong the excitement of their yes by shooting in Tuscany, as well as in Paris; a city where their love took its first steps.

And so, I found myself immersed in an event that stopped time, between the present of the ceremony and the past of their meeting, with the pleasure of shooting between digital and film, also returning to those passages that gave rise to the passion for photography. And I can only thank them for this.



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