Altreluci is wedding photography in Tuscany, and cinema wedding.


But there’s more: Altreluci is Ulisse, Jamie, and a whole team of wedding photographers and photolovers.


A photographer and a videomaker grown together, professionally and in the same family. In ten years we have created photos and videos for weddings: a rare combination. But not just this makes us different.

What makes us different?

We were born in Florence, grew up between Tuscany and the USA; we know every corner of our territory, we know how to collect needs, vocations and expression, transforming it into something unique that aims to the best expression for your wedding photography.

We have a refined and personal photographic taste, developed over years of passionate activity: work after work, we have developed a recognizable style, true and profound, dictated by the desire to be genuine, focusing on naturalness, to enhance the authenticity of precious moments.

To this capacity, we add the vital love for this work, the attention to detail, the discretion and the ability to grasp the perfect moment beyond what eyes can see.

This is our idea of an authentic wedding photography in Florence and Tuscany’s unforgettable scenery.


This message is for my father.
I always had fun thinking about when I was 7-8 years old and before Christmas my father, enthusiastically announced: “This Christmas as a gift for the family, we will buy the equipment for the darkroom!
To allow it, at home, we would have to give up the other possible Christmas gifts.
Obviously, as a child, the gesture of my father was seen by me and my brother as a renunciation, to all the possible noisy and colorful gifts that we would have liked to receive instead.
This ignited my curiosity for photography.
Over the years, growing up, I learned and appreciated more and more that world that my father passed on to me, making it my passion.


When I was little, my mother worked a lot, every day. My father had already gone another way and I spent so much time with my grandparents, you can say that they raised me, in part.
My grandfather smoked his pipe and painted. Landscapes of the sea, mountains, lakes. I looked at those paintings every day, carefully. I think that my attention to detail, my photographic memory, was born from there, unconsciously.
I have never approached painting “canvas and brush” but I soon realized that even a spraycan was a fun tool, so I improvised as a writer. I continued for many years and in the meantime I started high school, advertising graphic address, where a passionate and able professor made me discover photography and made me fall in love with it. Then I got a job at the university, during my photography studies for fashion, in Florence.
From here, my professional path started to embrace a new path: videos.
Music videos and advertising campaigns have led me to produce works with a particular cut: Wedding Cinema videos.
I love traveling: it’s the other big part of me. I opened a Vlog in 2015 that talks about my adventures. A project that was transformed, in 2018, with the help of my partner, taking the name of UpendoVibes.
All of this is me, and all this is what I put in my work: fantasy, technique, knowledge.

Wedding photography in Tuscany:

our work is a passion


We describe your day, in a confidential way; but we know how to steal the most significant moments. We also believe that the naturalness, authenticity and expressiveness of these moments are already perfect: for the emotion on the faces, the magic of the locations – like the colors of a sunset in Chianti, the games of shadows and lights of the splendid villas of Florence, or the enchanted atmosphere of the lakes -. All between digital high definition and photos on traditional-film, for passion.

Weddings: our style

Each shot comes from an elegant aesthetic research, and from a particular search for the best light cuts, harmonic games and experimentation. The photos, shot digitally or on traditional-film, depending on the mood and style of the wedding, are accompanied by a timeless printing service for albums entirely customizable, in graphics, materials, layout;

Video and Wedding Cinema for your wedding photography in Tuscany

In Altreluci, with a perfect mix of editing and music, we consider wedding videos as something light, natural, non-invasive; a content that in a few minutes manages to portray the whole day in a personal format, with an easy, light and at the same time intense cut.