Wedding Cinema is a creation of Ulisse Donnini and Jamie Robert Othieno, made with the intention of giving our clients a natural and documentary-style video.


The fiming is made with reflex cameras and not traditional ones.
This technical feature, confers our movies an elegant cinema aspect. During the day we also make use of action-cameras to get more points of view and create timelapses.
When shooting the video Jamie Robert Othieno and his team will be very discreet, and since the aim of the video is to capture the weeding in its spontaneity, there will be no need for the spouses to pose or to recite.
From the preparation to the party the videos are taken by two operators, this feature gives our video an exceptional dynamism, with alternating points of view and few static shots.

Once the clip is finished (about 90 days after the ceremony), the movie will be delivered to the spouses, in 6 identical copies:

  • 2 Blu-Ray disc with menù (full HD quality)
  • 4 DVD with menù (DVD quality)
  • .MOV full HD file of the trailer (3/4 min) and of the entire clip (25-30 min)

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