How do we realize our wedding photo-sessions?

Our working day starts alongside of the spouses, during their preparation we are able to get some of the best shots of the day. This “backstage” situation offers us the chance to work in close contact with the spouses and to capture details and emotions when they are not yet surrounded by all the friends and relatives. Photographer and assistant in this case will either work together or separately, depending on the circumstances.

During the ceremony our team offers the maximum discretion possible in order to respect the sanctity of marriage and the importance of this moment. Years of experience made us capable of working quietly without missing the most important shots, the multiple points of view allow the spouses to live again their most important day and all the details that are part of it.

The meetings beforehand the wedding day are used to agree when and how the portrait pictures should be taken, unless otherwise specified it will be the photographer’s job to find the best spot near-by the location of the ceremony. This ensures that the spouses will be able to fully enjoy their day without losing any time in deciding where to go.

The aperitif is the moment where everyone start to relax after the excitement of the ceremony, it is the perfect occasion to take spontaneous or group picture.

The dinner is usually very elegant or eventful or both, depending on the people. Our pictures will capture its spirit, its details and its various phases from the starters to the cut of the wedding cake and until the party.

In all our services the delivery of all our photos in high resolution is included in the price and guaranteed on the same day of the weeding.

Our clients may use our projector for free, and if requested, we can create a slideshow with the best photos of the day at the end of the dinner.
Another nice gift for our clients is the web gallery in our reserved area on We will give instructions and passwords to friends and relatives to access the website and so your photos will be seen only from your friends.